The Programme

Now in its fifth year, the NDTV Broadcast Training Program has trained ten batches, many of whom have been placed in various channels of NDTV group and other broadcast media houses. The Broadcast Training Programme is an apprenticeship that combines the elements of workshop learning and hands-on training.

In the workshops

Learn the practice of broadcast journalism in a well-equipped studio with state-of-the-art facilities. Teaching modules have been designed to cover all aspects of broadcast journalism ranging from the basics of journalism and pre-production to editing, writing, anchoring, and presentation.

On the field

The programme offers candidates a unique opportunity of real-time experience. The curriculum is woven into an apprenticeship under NDTV mentors in the workplace as a real workday. All mentors are senior NDTV media professionals. While on the job, apprentices will learn how to handle the pressure of big stories, breaking news and demanding deadlines.

  1. The programme is designed for 10 months
  2. For the first 4 months, the candidates will go through formal instructions in classrooms and workshops devoted to writing, camerawork, voice training, editing, and more. Click here to view the curriculum of the programme
  3. Over the next 6 months, they will be placed as apprentices to train under mentors and finally as interns in different departments of NDTV
  4. Candidates can apply for the first batch starting in April or the second batch starting in August
  5. Each batch has 45 seats
  6. The total fee for the programme is Rs 1.90 lakhs (plus applicable taxes)
  7. If required, candidates can propose an installment plan for the fee after the final selection is announced
  8. All apprentices will be certified by NDTV upon completion of the programme
  9. Students are evaluated throughout the programme on newspaper sessions, assignments based on news and current affairs, camera and editing skills, and news stories.
  10. During the internship, students will be evaluated on the basis of aptitude, skills, and ability with equal weightage of 33% each.

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